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Verona is one of the most visited art cities in Italy. Rich in history, culture, monuments and manifestations, the city of Verona is a pleasant tourist destination to be visited in every season of the year

Staying in Verona in a rented apartment is a choice that many people like, because renting apartments for short periods make the traveler feel like their own home.
Apartments Verona offers many opportunities for short stays in various areas of the city.

The historic center of Verona encloses a multitude of testimonies of turrets dating back to ancient Rome, from the Middle Ages to the present. The Arena of Verona is without doubt the most visited monument of the city, is located in Piazza Bra, a jewel of architecture and art. Staying in a rented apartment in Verona’s historic center is a great opportunity to enjoy the city’s beauties and the glamorous and festive atmosphere of the city.
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The Hospital of Borgo Trento in Verona has always been a health center of excellence. There are many patients who choose this Hospital to be cured, coming from all over Italy. If you are looking for a rental apartment for a short period of time during your care or convalescence, follow this link

The Verona Fair hosts many important international events, among the most famous Vinitaly and Marmomac. If you are looking for a rental apartment for the Verona fair, follow this link:

Valpolicella frames the city of Verona with its marvelous hills, famous all over the world for its wines, the Amarone, one on all. If you are looking for a rental apartment, follow this link

Lake Garda is one of the main destinations of tourists staying in Verona. If you are looking for a rental apartment on Lake Garda, follow this link


Scegli tra le nostre proposte la casa vacanza che più ti piace. In centro a Verona o sul Lago di Garda possiamo proporti appartamenti o ville adatte al tuo breve soggiorno di vacanza, lavoro o cura.
Cerchi una casa a Verona per un soggiorno breve di vacanza, lavoro o cura?